Gracing the pages of Marie Claire Australia’sSeptember 2017 issue, model Victoria Andersonposes in the desert. The blonde beauty wears chic looks for the southern hemisphere’s summer season. Photographed by Georges Antoni, Victoria wears relaxed silhouettes with neutral shades. Stylist Jana Pokorny dresses the model in the designs of Celine, Zimmermann and Ellery amongst others.

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Louis Vuitton


Backpacks are no longer boring schoolbags, they’re hip, stylish and are trending like no tomorrow. For now, the Palm Springs Backpack is stealing every show in the House of Louis Vuitton. The reason is because of its classic style, the simplicity and the flawless material. The updated Montsouris Backpack is a different design due to its distinctive look. It’s introduced for the Fall Winter 2017 Collection, now let’s talk about that!


The Original Louis Vuitton Montsouris Backpack (Now Vintage)
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The Design

The Louis Vuitton Montsouris Backpack is made to be a chic city bag. The look is modern and it’s a feminine update of the historic Montsouris model. The older version is no longer available and it’s considered a ‘vintage’.

If compare the old with the new backpack, the biggest differences are the Monogram Canvas color and the brighter-version of the long straps. The front features two long drawstrings, which is secured by a buckle. The drawstring is useful, but it’s also stylish.

The front pocket is hidden inside and it appears to be ‘one’ with the design. It comes with a top handle in case you want to hand carry, but you can also carry it on your back with those beautiful back straps. Those back straps are thin and feminine, unlike the thicker version on the Palm Spring Backpack.

The Interior

Backpacks are always roomy and easy to carry. The interior of this bag is made with one large compartment and a flat pocket.

The Sizes And Prices

Measuring 10’ x 11.4’ x 3.5’ inches, priced at $1830 USD, €1390 euro, £1300 GBP, $2370 CAD, $15200 HKD, ¥14100 CNY, ¥218160 JPY via Louis Vuitton boutiques.


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& Other Stories Mini Car Print Dress& Other Stories Mini Car Print Dress

As summer comes to a close, enjoying comfortable late summer style is key. Luckily, & Other Stories offers inspiration with a recent trend guide called, ‘Fun Flair’. The fashion shoot focuses on breezy dresses, frilled blouses and form-fitting denim. Paired with colorful pumps and statement bags, these looks are great for just about any fun outing.


(Left) & Other Stories Peplum Blouse and Cropped High-Rise Jeans (Right) & Other Stories Layered Frill Dress(Left) & Other Stories Peplum Blouse and Cropped High-Rise Jeans (Right) & Other Stories Layered Frill Dress(Left) & Other Stories White Blouse, Cropped High-Rise Jeans and Ankle Strap Pumps in Gold (Right) & Other Stories Neon Car Tee, Zip Denim Skirt and Ankle Strap Pumps in Stripe(Left) & Other Stories White Blouse, Cropped High-Rise Jeans and Ankle Strap Pumps in Gold (Right) & Other Stories Neon Car Tee, Zip Denim Skirt and Ankle Strap Pumps in Stripe
& Other Stories Neon Car Tee, Zip Denim Skirt and Ankle Strap Pumps in Stripe& Other Stories Neon Car Tee, Zip Denim Skirt and Ankle Strap Pumps in Stripe(Left) & Other Stories Peplum Blouse (Right) & Other Stories Layered Frill Dress(Left) & Other Stories Peplum Blouse (Right) & Other Stories Layered Frill Dress& Other Stories Neon Car Tee and Zip Denim Skirt& Other Stories Neon Car Tee and Zip Denim Skirt(Left) & Other Stories Mini Car Print Dress (Right) & Other Stories Satin Wrap Blouse and Cropped High-Rise Jeans(Left) & Other Stories Mini Car Print Dress (Right) & Other Stories Satin Wrap Blouseand Cropped High-Rise Jeans

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Don’t Be Shy—Tell ’em How You Really Feel With the Goyard Voltaire Smile Tote

Other Brands


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If you’ve recently taken up angling, your buddies might have been trying to convince you to get a good pair of fishing sunglasses. At first, it might look like an expense that doesn’t make any sense at all, and that’s completely understandable. After all, there isn’t any difference between those sunglasses you wear while running errands and the others, more expensive, designed for fishing, right?

Actually, these two are made for two types of people. Fishermen and women, as you know, spend a lot of their spare time in the close proximity of water. Unless somebody invented a new species, that’s where fish prefers to live, so you have to make an effort and go to them in order to catch one or more, or catch and release them, depending on your credo.

Regular people, which is what you are when you go to school, work, or when you go shopping, wear regular sunglasses. These might be unpolarized or polarized, but the fact is that this detail matters less in this case as they might not have to deal with any glare. Even though there are many models of fishing glassesavailable out there nowadays, there are two reasons to consider getting one or the other.

One of the first considerations you need to bear in mind is that these models will help you avoid frowning and squinting all of the time while you’re trying to visualize your catch. We all know how frustrating it is to start tearing up when just trying to fish.

The other detail that you should give some thought to is that polarized glasses can actually help you see the fish a lot better. The glare of the water might not only make you feel uncomfortable, but also prevent you from seeing anything that’s happening under the surface.

Therefore, the simplest answer to the question of this entire article is that you might, in the end, benefit from using a pair of fishing glasses. Once we have established all of this, we can move on to the way you can make the difference between a pair of quality polarized sunglasses and a cheaper unpolarized one.

If you’re buying the product online, the simplest way of going about things would be to get one from a well-known brand. It’s very unlikely that a company like Shimano or Okuma, which regularly manufacture top-notch fishing gear, goes into some shady business like faking their sunglasses. But, if you have some time on your hands, you could at least make a trip to a store so that you get to see the difference with your own eyes. Look through the lens and try to estimate the amount of light that reaches your eyes.

Believe it or not, the color of the lens also matters. While amber and gray are good are two colors that are good for anything from angling to driving and any other activity you might want to perform, mirror glasses should be off-limits if you intend to wear them while you fish.

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Longchamp Le Pliage Cuir Backpack XS

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Open your bag wardrobe and you’d most probably find one (or two) that comes from Longchamp’s diverse Le Pliage line. Search Le Pliage on Longchamp’s site and you’ll find 4 distinct categories – there’s the ever popular Le Pliage Nylon, the canvas-based Le Pliage Néo, the limited editions (remember the collaborations with Jeremy Scott and Mary Katrantzou?) and of course, the Le Pliage Cuir line.

An all-leather series that stays true to the origami-inspired Le Pliage line, Le Pliage Cuir bags are light and foldable, yet retaining a soft-to-the-touch appeal that makes it a standout from its nylon siblings. Crafted out of Metis leather, which is a hybrid of goatskin and lambskin, the Le Pliage Cuir range has 3 bags under its line-up, the top-handle totes that come in many sizes, the smaller crossbody sling and the all-new Backpack XS, which is also the subject of today’s post.

Measuring 22 cm wide and 25 cm high, this backpack is the answer for the lady who’s looking for an all-leather variant of the zippered nylon backpack we’re used to seeing from the Le Pliage Nylon range. With the Backpack XS, the zipper is replaced with a drawstring closure beneath the buttoned front flap, which makes it easier to reach into. Finished with a top handle and adjustable straps, the backpack is every bit as functional as it is stylish, with seven (yes seven!) different hues for you to choose from.

Aside from Natural, Pilot Blue and Pink you see sketched out above, the Backpack XS (SGD710) also comes in 4 other colours like Black, Cherry, Navy, and Pebble. From safe neutrals to the bright and snazzy, there’s got to be one colour that’s suited for you. Been on a search for an all-leather casual weekend backpack that’s affordably priced? You’re looking at it.

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