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I’ve been receiving requests for some dressier maternity outfits (for casual ones, you can refer to this post – I’m pretty much in one of these dresses on most days). Luckily for my comfort, I haven’t had too many very formal reasons to dress up, though friends keep egging me on to be more social (I suspect at least partially motivated by my designated driver status). I’ve had some dinner events in the past month though, so snapped some pictures to share with you all.

Dress 6 months

Yes, I still wear heels…I always grip the handrail though and really only wear teetering ones like these when it’s a strict “car seat straight to dinner seat” type of situation. Otherwise, I’m always in flat sandals or moderate wedge espadrilles.

The bag is my black sellier Kelly – I’ve been meaning to share it on the blog because I wanted to do a comparison between retourne and sellier styles, but have fallen behind. I’ll try to do a review soon. But in the meantime, I’ll say that Grace Kelly had it right – it does a great job of hiding a baby bump!

Silk Dress

The heels are Nicholas Kirkwood (closest versions are this pearl pair and these Hexagon pumps, both really cool). The dress I’m wearing is actually one that I had made for me awhile back, after searching fruitlessly for the perfect silk resort dress and not finding one that wasn’t monstrously priced. Silk + beach weather + salt water + sand doesn’t always mix well, so I don’t like to pack pricey clothes on resort holidays. I love the cut and embroidery and was really happy with how it turned out. I’ve packed it in the past as a nicer outfit to wear while on beach holidays, but the light silk and looser cut has made it perfect for spring evenings as well…and it’s forgiving even with my six month baby belly.

Actually I’ve realized that this dress has been so accommodating, that I’m creating it in a different color and a slightly smaller cut for after pregnancy, to give me something to look forward to. A few readers have given the same advice, to pick up a few items to have as a treat for after giving birth. Hoorah!

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