Prada Men’s Spring 2018


Miuccia Prada for Men’s Spring 2018 Collection got inspired by comic books. The designer admitted that she doesn’t read them but she enjoys the illustrations and appreciates their uniqueness. The fact that comic books are a hand drawn piece of art was the main thing that inspired the designer to put comic motives all over her designs.

“They are little fragments of life, which is what you get now from the information, the media: So I was more and more attracted to them. Even if I never liked them.”

Prada Men's Spring 2018 Collection Comic Shirt and high waisted wool pants

Prada Men's Spring 2018 Collection Comic Boiler Suit

The designer wanted to celebrate the human’s talent and hard work in the digital world. Miuccia asked her longtime friend James Jean and Belgian graphic artist Ollie Schrauwen to paint the roof, the floor and the walls with Roy Lichtenstein-ish cartoons- inspired characters. Anyway, she asked the artists to avoid too superhero motives because she wanted to celebrate the humanity. The two artists covered the panels with giant monkeys, bugs and ladies’ eyes with bold black lashes, a huge ant looming over a house, rushing locomotive and etc.

Prada Men's Spring 2018 Collection Monkey Print Sweater and High waisted black pants

Prada Men's Spring 2018 Collection  Graphic Coat and shirt and black shorts

When it comes to the clothes Miuccia Prada certainly surprised everyone with this collection. Prada presented many boiler suits in a Haute Couture version that confused everyone. It seems unusual for a man to buy boiler suit by Prada and work around the house in it. Maybe boiler suits are making a breakthrough in the fashion industry. We won’t be surprised considering the fact that the fanny packs made their comeback and the biggest style icons can’t get enough of them. Luckey for them Miuccia Prada included enough oversized fanny bags in this collection.

Prada Men's Spring 2018 Collection navy boiler suit

Prada Men's Spring 2018 Collection gray boiler suit

The collection was dominated by graphics and daring designs. Prada stated that she wanted to celebrate every day’s peoples’ stories, but her designs were definitely far away from the comfort zone.

Prada Men's Spring 2018 Collection  red short sleeved graphic shirt and back high waisted pants

Prada Men's Spring 2018 Collection graphic sweater and high waisted pants

It’s safe to say that the coats were the most wearable pieces of the collection. It was unclear why Prada decided to show heavy wool coats and sweaters for Spring 2018. Miuccia Prada knew people would be confused and explained her decision.

Prada Men's Spring 2018 Collection gray coat and red pants

Prada Men's Spring 2018 Collection camel coat and grey shirt and pants

“Everything was a little bit too naive, too simple, so we thought these heavy coats would be the right counterpart. That is just fashion—because we love it.”

The pants were high-waisted, loose and accessorized with skinny plain and printed belts.

Prada Men's Spring 2018 Collection khaki suit, red shirt, gray wool sweater

Prada Men's Spring 2018 Collection Gray Suit

Prada’s Men’s Spring 2018 show was the first one that was streamed live on and on their Instagram story.

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Have you always been a loyal Prada woman? If yes, we’re definitely certain that you’ll get your hands full on the newest Prada Cruise 2018 Runway Bag Collection for it showcases a variety of fashion forward styles and modernist oriented bags and accessories.

With a contemporary sporty theme to back it up, the Italian brand features functional handbags, totes, and clutches in its Cruise 2018 Runway Bag Collection, which was held at the Osservatorio in Milan, Italy. Aside from the sporty theme, Prada also infused its own interpretation of the Belle Epoque, which was very evident in most if not all of its bag pieces.


Well-known and well-loved for their stylish tote bags, this time around Prada introduced a tote bag in patent material for its newest Cruise Collection. If you’re a keen observer, you will notice that this bag is sporting a new logo as it is now in a stamped fashion. You’ll remember that Prada bags usually sport a small triangle design, which contains the brand name and the crest logo.

Aside from the logo, the tote bag also boasts of a chic, well-structured silhouette which makes it an ideal everyday office bag. It also features two sturdy handles for easy hand carrying.



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Kris Grikaite stars in Prada's pre-fall 2017 campaignKris Grikaite stars in Prada’s pre-fall 2017 campaign

Fresh off its ‘Nonconformists’ advertisements, Prada unveils its pre-fall 2017 campaign called ‘Encounters’. The Italian label spotlights rising stars of the modeling world with Selena Forrest, Kris Grikaite and Nina Gulien. Photographed by Willy Vanderperre, the trio pose in a retro-looking home setting in looks from the runway. This campaign marks the third installment of 365, where Prada goes for a seasonless approach to advertising. The images spotlight fuzzy cardigans, leather coats and slouchy tote bags.


Willy Vanderperre photographs Prada's pre-fall 2017 campaignWilly Vanderperre photographs Prada’s pre-fall 2017 campaignSelena Forrest and Nina Gulien appear in Prada’s pre-fall 2017 campaignSelena Forrest and Nina Gulien appear in Prada’s pre-fall 2017 campaign
Prada unveils pre-fall 2017 advertising campaignPrada unveils pre-fall 2017 advertising campaignSelena Forrest stars in Prada’s pre-fall 2017 campaignSelena Forrest stars in Prada’s pre-fall 2017 campaignTote bags take the spotlight in Prada's pre-fall 2017 campaignTote bags take the spotlight in Prada’s pre-fall 2017 campaign

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Prada sure knows how to create everyday multi-functional totes that we can use on a daily basis. This Prada Diano Tote is no exception to that. With its elegant calfskin material with Daino finishing that offers a supple, pebbled texture, you’ll be giddy to tote this Daino tote over your shoulder or in the crook of your arm during busy days or if you are in a hurry.

A practical essential thanks to its carryall size, the Prada Daino Tote can carry and hold all your essentials and other necessities. The classic and favorite black color is also perfect for your year-round wear.

This Prada tote features top handles for fuss-free carrying and a magnetic fastening for easy access. It also has a front pocket to store your other essentials, and a detachable snap-buttoned pouch.

Looking inside, it has fabric and leather lining, internal zipped and slot pockets. It measures 12′ x 12′ x 5.5′ (H x W x D) inches and is priced $1510 USD, €1350 euro, $2150 AUD, ¥185000 JPY, $11700 HKD via MyTheresa.







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Vanessa Axente stars in Prada’s pre-fall 2016 campaignVanessa Axente stars in Prada’s pre-fall 2016 campaign

Prada takes on a calm and serene mood for its new campaign for its pre-fall 2016 collection of embellished handbags. The tranquil portraits were photographed by Steven Meisel and star Vanessa Axente, Vittoria Ceretti, Sasha Pivovarova, Fei Fei Sun and Lorena Maraschi. Captured against a backdrop of a setting sun and ocean, the girls wear natural looking makeup and hair. Handbags embellished with floral details are paired with remixed shirting and embroidered dresses.


Fei Fei Sun stars in Prada’s pre-fall 2016 campaignFei Fei Sun stars in Prada’s pre-fall 2016 campaignSasha Pivovarova stars in Prada’s pre-fall 2016 campaignSasha Pivovarova stars in Prada’s pre-fall 2016 campaignVittoria Ceretti stars in Prada’s pre-fall 2016 campaignVittoria Ceretti stars in Prada’s pre-fall 2016 campaignLorena Maraschi stars in Prada’s pre-fall 2016 campaignLorena Maraschi stars in Prada’s pre-fall 2016 campaign


For its pre-fall 2016 collection, Prada was in a nautical mood featuring heavy coats as well as custom prints designed by Christophe Chemin. Crossbody bags with embellished straps and platform shoes make for a sailor-inspired look.


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Spring-Summer Womens Prada Ad Campaign

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prada_ss15-womens-ad-campaign2While it used to be the norm where ad campaigns only featured the model in the season’s best RTW pieces emoting whatever mood was set by the creative higher-ups, these days you’ll be seeing more and more of ads where the luxury house’s bag (or bags) of the season competes for attention as well. You’ve seen it in Louis Vuitton’s S/S15 ads, Dior’s doing pretty much the same thing, and Valentino has devoted their pre-season ads to just bags, shoes and accessories.

Which brings us to Prada, the subject of today’s post and their S/S15 ad campaign. Photographed by Steven Meisel with models Ine Neefs, Julia Nobis and Gemma Ward in tow, it’s a slightly voyeuristic look into the different moods of the Prada Woman that encompass the stoic, the psychedelic, and the intimate, with bags in some instances taking up full pages of their own.

And while I might never know why luxury houses are shooting more of such ads these days, something I’ve believed since the inception of this blog still stands, and makes even more sense to me now. That while a woman will spend thousands on a bag she thinks she will use every day, she would be less inclined to do so with RTW that she knows she can’t (or won’t) do the same with.

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